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Cruising is an increasingly popular way to travel nowadays. It’s a wonderful way of visiting multiple destinations with very little effort. Retire to bed at night and a dazzling new port is waiting to be explored when you wake in the morning. You can dip into a new culture and taste the local way of life safe in the knowledge that a comfortable bed, courteous service and good food are all part of the deal.

And, of course, cruising is ‘having a moment’ right now. There has never been so much choice in terms of destinations, ship size and the variety of experience on offer. Not forgetting the great deals on price! From the giant ‘resorts at sea’ to small, intimate sail boats, the choice is yours. Oceans, rivers, lakes and canals are all waiting to be explored.

There are exotic itineraries to sun-drenched shores, adventurous excursions into the frozen landscapes of Antartica, great rivers to navigate, majestic fjords to admire and iconic cities to explore. Special interest trips are also popular, focusing on every pastime you can imagine – from art and fine dining to yoga, line dancing or bird watching. You name it, there’s a cruise that specializes in it!

So what are you waiting for? And if you need more inspiration, read our blog, join in the conversation or perhaps even buy the book!

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