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Travel is our favourite thing. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to keeping mind and body in tip-top condition. You’ve only got to read the advice in our activity and Health & Wellbeing sections to understand why. Stimulating all the senses – visiting new places, meeting new people, making yourself understood in an unfamiliar language, tickling the taste-buds with new flavours and maybe even taking you out of your comfort zone, travel should be an intrinsic part of every retireista’s calendar.

Of course, travel to far-flung places can be expensive, but there are clever ways to make your budget stretch further: volunteering to help out with an overseas charity’s project or taking part in an fundraising adventure, for instance (anyone fancy a walk along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu?). Alternatively, it’s no less possible to get equal amounts of pleasure for excursions closer to home, using your own vehicle, public transport or even Shanks’s pony! (Living on the Dorset coast, the South West Coastal path is one of our favourite walks.)

Travel offers the opportunity for us to pursue special interests or learn a new skill, to meet new people, share life skills (teaching, nursing, business …) with others in need of help or tick off long held dreams from our bucket list.

And there are some great deals out there for canny retireistas prepared to do a little homework. Late availability offers, discounts for ‘seniors’ and out of season specials all call out to retireistas who are no longer restrained by the dictates of school holidays, work schedules or other peoples’ arrangements. You’re free agents now, so make the most of it. Explore, immerse yourself in different cultures and make the most of what our wonderful planet has to offer!

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