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The Retireista Project


5.0 (3 reviews)

The must-read, practical guide for anyone wanting to get the best out of the best years of their lives.

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The must-read, practical guide for anyone wanting to get the best out of the best years of their lives.

The Retireista Project is a concise and easy to understand practical guide to help anyone make life work when their conventional working life ends.

On approaching what many consider the typical age of ‘retirement’, its author, Tony Colston, found that he began to feel that society was putting him out to pasture – while his view was that the years ahead had the potential to blossom into the best years of his life.

A re-alignment was needed. A new phase of Tony’s life was opening up that could not adequately be described by the word ‘retirement’. So he invented a new one – Retireista – and set about convincing his peers that it was about time retirement got a make-over.

The Retireista Project catalogues Tony’s journey, recounting some of the most valuable lessons he’s learned along the way and providing what is essentially a toolkit for a successful and satisfying later life. His thinking kicks the conventional view of ‘retirement’ into touch, offering a fresh, new perspective that repositions it as the dream job we all wish we’d made a play for years ago.

Brimming with inspirational anecdotes, case studies and advice, The Retireista Project is divided into sections that address a whole gamut of both practical and lifestyle issues, including finance, family and friends, health, travel, home and the benefits of being active in an upbeat, friendly style.

Play your cards right and you’ll soon be bidding goodbye to the spectre of retirement and welcoming in the best years of your life …

3 reviews for The Retireista Project

  1. Tony Pearson

    This is a very useful book for those looking ahead with apprehension at what might lie in wait for them in retirement. Of course it needn’t be like that with a little preparation and this book as a guide. There are many thought provoking ideas to stimulate the imagination. There’s plenty to do out there and plenty of inspiration in The Retireista Project!

  2. David

    A thoughtful and thought provoking guide to what for some can be a challenging subject. There is a
    recognition that one size does not fit all while at the same time emphasising that a happy and
    productive retirement is not something that just happens. Throughout the book there is continuing
    emphasis on the importance of exercising mind and body but being realistic that age does have its
    restrictions with sometimes enforced pit stops and changes of gear.
    The author shares experiences of friends and contacts to illustrate various themes and there
    is useful advice about where to seek help.
    I would recommend this book to anyone thinking about or reaching retirement as well as those
    who already not tied to a daily timetable of work.

  3. Louise

    Though I’m not a man or 60+ quite yet (!) I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the book…. which I’ve been reading whilst cruising around the Med! As someone who stepped out of corporate life in the NHS 8 years ago following a diagnosis of MS, I heartily endorse the principles you shared in the book; dream, plan, do! Living with a chronic condition has helped me rethink what is important in my life and then ensure I live a positive, healthy and fulfilling life – which I think I do! I look forward to seeing Steph’s book soon!

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