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Lots to see and do. Culture on tap. Cinemas, theatres and restaurants close by.  Good local and national transport links. Trains. Busses. Planes. A hub of activity to keep you busy and entertained.

The perfect location for an active retireista like you!

But do remember – it’s easy to feel lonely and isolated in a busy town or city. The noise might get on your nerves after a while. And as for the traffic fumes – boy, do they aggravate your asthma!

Retiring to a town or city might suit your gregarious personality perfectly, but before making the move, do be sure be to consider the potential pitfalls too.

There are lots of things to think about if you’re planning a move for your retirement – all dependent on your own personal retirement aspirations and situation. Here’s just three to get you started:

  • will you feel safe living in the area – what are the local crime rates like?
  • can you afford the lifestyle offered by living in a vibrant, busy conurbation
  • what are the social dynamics of the area- is it full of students, families or like-minded retireistas?

Spend some time in your chosen location. Chat to the locals. Take a stroll around.  And if you’re comfortable with what you find, go for it!

And if you want some more food for thought, check out our blog, join in the conversation and maybe even buy the book…

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