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Sunshine. Year-round warmth. Blue skies and balmy breezes. Wool coats and hats no longer needed. Bliss!

Many people dream of living out their retirement years basking in warmth and sunshine on foreign shores. You might be one of them. But please think hard and long before taking the mighty leap to emigrate.

Retiring abroad might be exactly right for you but do remember to consider the potential pitfalls too.

There are lots of things to think about if you’re planning a move for your retirement – all dependent on your own personal retirement aspirations and situation. Here’s just three to get you started:

  • will a foreign language be a barrier to making new friends and running your household?
  • how about healthcare in your chosen location – is it up to scratch? Will you need to pay for private healthcare and can you afford it?
  • keeping up with family and old friends can be challenging when you’re separated by oceans and time zones. Are you prepared for this?

Spend some time in your chosen location. Chat to the locals. Take a stroll around. And if you’re comfortable with what you find, go for it!

And if you want some more food for thought, check out our blog, join in the conversation and maybe even buy the book…

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