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Health - Vitality

Vitality is that intangible life force that drives all retireistas.

Defined as ‘the capacity for survival, or the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence’, it’s the exuberant, physical strength and mental vigour that gives us the energy and ‘joie de vivre’ we need to get the best out of the best years of our lives.

And if you’re exhausted just reading this – think about the alternative:  without vitality, we age mentally and physically.  Our bodies grind to a halt until we whither and die.

Of course we’re all destined to die in the end, but retireistas are committed to enjoying the journey too.  And rest assured – we all have the ability to do just that by conserving and enhancing our vitality along the way.

So remember – your future’s in your hands.  Vitality is the key to health and healing through looking after our bodies and minds, living, eating and drinking well and resting sufficiently.

And if you want some more food for thought, check out our blog, join in the conversation and maybe even buy the book…

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