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There’s lots of information out there about the financial aspects of planning for the future and we’d urge you to check it out as thoroughly as possible. Read articles, listen to other retireistas’ experiences and consider the authoritative recommendations of technical experts and government bodies. Talk to friends and like-minded retireistas. Understand the bigger picture.

From what the many and varied investment options are to keeping your financial pot working hard while you’re out enjoying your retireista lifestyle to understanding your personal risk profile and the market forces likely to impact on the money markets your funds are invested in. It’s all out there.

Of course you might prefer to leave the detailed stuff to the experts while you’re having fun and that’s ok too – provided you’ve done your research! Track down an advisor you trust, who understands your financial aspirations and who has the credentials and capability to deliver on their promises.

Talk to friends and colleagues take recommendations and don’t be afraid to ask for references. Check out the costs involved and shop around.

Most importantly – do it NOW!

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