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Once you turn your back on the nine-to-five, it can feel as if your income is a one way street. And it’s not pouring in to the family coffers.

Smart retireistas know that it’s never too early to plan ahead, financially speaking.  In an ideal world, we should all have squirrelled away some savings – officially referred to as a ‘pension pot’ – to see us through our dotage. But often life gets in the way and the best-laid plans can sometimes go wrong.

What’s important is to be prepared, to make sure you have access to expert advice and to understand exactly how much money you have, how much you need on a regular basis to secure the lifestyle you enjoy and how to plug any potential shortfalls.

We don’t promise to have all the answers here. But we can share with you some strategies and ideas (our own and those of fellow retireistas) to help you take control of your own financial destiny with confidence.

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