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What joy being a grandparent can be! Seeing your children raising families of their own. Helping out now and then. Providing treats. Having fun together. Watching them grow.

Many grandparents thrive on this happy relationship which brings so much pleasure to everyone. Even long-distance relationships are so much easier today with Skype, Facebook and all manner of super-fast, super-sophisticated communication channels at our fingertips.

But what happens when things get out of hand? When the occasional evening of babysitting becomes full-time (unpaid) childcare? When the weekend treats and swimming lessons turn into requests for major contributions towards tuition fees that you might not be able to afford?

Challenges such as these are common enough and always so sensitive to deal with.

Communication is key. Nip potentially difficult situations in the bud whenever possible. Be clear about your expectations of the relationship and the level of involvement you feel comfortable with – and capable of providing.

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