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Friends & Family - Family Gatherings

Keeping in touch with family and friends takes time and effort, especially in today’s world, when we all lead such busy lives. Our networks might even stretch across continents and different time zones.

But it IS worth the effort. We never know what’s around the corner and there’s no going back if dear Aunt Hilda sadly passes away before you get a chance to introduce her to her great-grand nephews and nieces. So don’t let regret haunt you. Take the initiative and start organising that reunion now!

The same goes for friends. Everyone says the right thing – ‘it’d be great to catch up’ – but no one does anything about it. Remember – you’re a Retireista now! With energy, a ‘can-do’ approach to life, seizing the moment and squeezing every last drop of enjoyment from every possible opportunity. So go for it – be the one to take action. Coffee, lunch, dinner, a weekend away. Even a Skype call. It doesn’t matter. Just make the connection and feel the love. You won’t regret it.

And if you’re looking for some ideas about organising your next family gathering or party, why not check out our blog, join in the conversation and maybe even buy the book…

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