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If you’re one of the 2.4m people in the UK currently struggling along as a member of the ‘sandwich generation’, you’ll be only too aware of the challenges of caring for elderly parents and relatives while still supporting adult children of your own.

And even more of you whose children are independent and happily living their own lives may find yourselves spending increasing amounts of time looking after ageing parents.

The consequence of an ageing population, the responsibility of looking after elderly and increasingly infirm parents is both financially and emotionally stressful:  finding carers to help, actually paying for care, addressing housing needs, juggling finances and finding a way through the labyrinth of red tape, emotional turmoil and family upheaval can soon take their toll.

The good news is that there’s lots of help and advice out there.

A support network is essential and it’s also important to discuss potential challenges with parents and siblings – making a plan ahead of time. From setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney to deciding how care might be financed, getting agreement from everyone involved at the outset will save a great deal of angst in the future.

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