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Spending time with friends is good for us – scientific studies prove to. Maintaining high to medium levels of social engagement as we get older reduces the potential onset of cognitive and physical limitations. In other words, it helps to keep our brains busy and our bodies active.

Interacting with friends and like-minded people on a regular basis helps to prevent a whole range of mental issues from developing – from depression to Alzheimers and beyond. Not only does your mind stay sharp, but social interaction gives you a sense of belonging and keeps you in touch with the world around you, reducing stress levels and helping to ward off depression.

Getting out and about to meet with friends also keeps you physically active – and we all know how important that is for our overall health and wellbeing. And it helps us to develop a stable support system that we can call on for emotional and physical help and motivation when times are tough.

Regular get-togethers with friends and family, or a chat on the phone once a week are a good start. Join a club – or gym! Take a class or volunteer in your local community. The choices are endless but if you need further inspiration, check out our blog, join in the conversation or buy our book…

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