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Be Creative

A passion for creativity will help to keep even the most senior retireista mentally and physically active. It fosters a sense of competence, purpose and growth. Artistic creativity also helps us to challenge and nurture our problem-solving skills and motivation, helping us to manage our everyday lives more effectively.

Maybe you’ve always had a creative soul. Or perhaps you’re more of a practical type. Either way, we all have it within us to challenge our imagination, to look at things differently and to question the world around us.

So go on – why not re-acquaint yourself with your right brain? That’s where all our creative and artistic thoughts bubble away. So tune in to their visual and intuitive meanderings, indulge in a little day dreaming and go where your thoughts take you. Listen to – or make some – music, read a book – maybe write one yourself – draw, paint, or take up a new creative hobby that helps your mind to wander to new places. Join a class, attend a lecture. Dream, think and create.

And if you need further inspiration, check out our blog, join in the conversation or buy our book…

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