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Retirement is dead - long live the retireista

Whatever age you are today, one day you’ll wake up ‘retired’. Or will you?

Why not break the mould and be a retireista instead?

This website shows you how. That’s how to make life work for you when your conventional working life is over. It’s a go-to source of information and inspiration to help everyone get the best out of what we believe are the best years of our lives.

Check out our thoughts on the six fundamental building blocks to becoming a successful retireista:

House & Home; Health & Wellbeing; Finance; Family & Friends; Activity; Travel.

They will help you to:

  • identify some of the most important questions facing every aspiring retireista
  • home in on specific issues relevant to your personal circumstances

 Read our blog posts about the issues closest to the hearts of passionate retireistas. And add your voice to the conversation.

Retirement is dead… long live the retireista!

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