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Wisdom of age – as told by Robert Redford

Robert Redford to retire, aged 82.

Robert Redford loves the great outdoors

The great outdoors beckon…

Who’d have thought it! We read recently that Robert Redford has decided to retire from acting – aged 82! He writes that his interests will now be firmly focused on directing, and his love for the outdoors. He says: “I love the mountains: I love being in them, and I love the comfort of them. If you take time to take a walk and realise that there’s another language that nature has, I think that’s valuable. As you get older, life becomes more exciting, because you’re aware of more possibilities, if you’re willing to go there.”

Redford seems to have captured the essence of being a Retireista is these few short sentences.

Spending time in the great outdoors is really important to both mind and body.  Walking is the perfect way to take some regular, gentle exercise and being outside in the fresh air is good for the soul. I guess the same could be said for any outdoor environment – not just the mountains of the west coast of America where Redford spends his time, but also your local area, be it the green spaces within our towns and cities, or the valleys, hills and coastlines of the UK. Wherever it is that gives you comfort, get out there, make the most of it and enjoy every moment.

Finally, we love his idea that life gets more exciting the older we become.  What a brilliant attitude!  Why not seek out the new possibilities in your own life and tell us about them – we’d love to hear from you.





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