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Do Men Need More Support In Retirement Than Women?

Do Men Need More Support in Retirement Than Women?

On Sunday, October 21st, Tony and I launched The Retireista Project.  The book is our must read, practical guide for men wanting to get the best out of the best years of their lives.

We had a lovely afternoon in our excellent independent local bookshop, Serendip.  We spent a couple of hours chatting with friends, visitors and interested passers-by who popped in to join us for a glass of fizz and a chat about why we’ve decided it’s time retirement had a make-over.

Many of them agreed – retirement isn’t what it used to be.  Not only that, but they confirmed their support for our campaign to define retirement by buying a copy of the book.  (Thanks to one and all – you can do the same HERE).  

Why Men?

But the fact that we have chosen to make men our focus audience for The Retireista Project also raised a few eyebrows.  ‘Why men?’ we were asked.  And, of course it’s an interesting question;  why do men in particular deserve special attention when it comes to ‘retirement’?

The answer soon became clear as we began our research for the book.  As we started out on our quest to understand exactly what ‘retirement’ means in today’s world and began to delve deeper into how life has changed for the baby boomer generation as we make that ‘post-work’ transition towards the next phase of our lives (taking on the mantle of Retireistas, no less), it became clear that men and women often react differently to the prospect – and realities – of retirement.

Mars and Venus are alive and well when in comes to retirement

Women go through their lives constantly juggling roles – wife, mother, career woman.  Men, on the other hand, appear to be more strongly defined by their careers alone.  Consequently they find it more difficult to adjust to this next phase of their lives.

And it’s this aspect of retirement that Tony set out to explore in the book.  

The messages, advice and ideas contained in The Retireista Project are, of course, equally relevant to men AND women.  They do, however, provide a particularly powerful poke in the eye for all the chaps out there wondering what life will hold for them once their conventional working lives come to an end.

Goodbye Retirement, Hello Dream Job

Certainly, there’s a wealth of research supporting the view that women are often better prepared than men for the emotional and social changes ‘retirement’ brings.  So, by helping men to view retirement as the next step on the career ladder, The Retireista Project reshapes their perspective and helps them embrace retirement with confidence and optimism.  

What about Women?

And as for the ladies …. holds plenty of advice, ideas and inspiration based around the practical and lifestyle issues we all face as the years slip by.  And who knows, there might even be a book especially for them to follow …

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